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Electricity Cost Calculator

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Electricity Cost Calculator Instructions:

For many households electricity is one of the larger bills we face. The electricity bills come every couple of months and electricity can end up costing us thousands of dollars a year if we don't watch our electricity usage. The Electricity Cost Calculator helps you to determine the electricity cost for each of your appliances. They say knowledge is power, but in this case, knowledge can reduce your power costs. Small changes in habbits can reduce your electricity usage by more than 50% as we have done. You may be quite surprised to find out which devices are costing you far more than you expect. Whether it is a computer system left in standby, that handy beer fridge, or even filling a kettle too high, small changes in your electricity usage can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Imagine cutting your electricity bill in half. Using the calculator it can be done.

Watts: Enter the watt rating for the appliance. For a light this is found on the light. For more complex items such as the standby power used by a television, you will need a device to measure the power. Reasonably priced watt meters are available from supermarkets and hardware stores. The advantage of measuring the watts used by an appliance is you'll get a more accurate value.

Hours: Enter the number of hours you use the appliance for per day. If you use the appliance for less than an hour enter the time as a decimal. That is half an hour is 0.5. If you use the item once a week, or once a month, first divide the time by the number of days. E.g. Iron once a week for 2 hours. Divide 2 by 7 which gives 0.28 hours per day.

Price/kWh: This is the price the energy company sells electricity to you including GST. The default price is a useful value, but the best value to use is the price from your energy retailer.

Cost/Day: This figure is the cost per day of using the appliance.

kWh/Day: This figure is the kWh per day consumed using the appliance.

TIP. It is often handy for low power appliances to know the watts per day instead of kilowatts. You can multiply this number by 1,000 or simply drop the decimal point and read the figure as watts per day.

Cost/Year: This figure is the cost per year of using the appliance.

kWh/Year: This figure is the kWh per year consumed using the appliance.

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